Sowing on the Mountain: The 2015 Smoke ‘n’ Fire “400”

We left Boise for five days and fall arrived.  After our 400+ mile circumnavigation of the Sawtooth and Boise mountains under clear, bright skies, the City of Trees greeted us with cool temperatures, low clounds and dripping rain.  We felt like we were back in Portland, eating cafe breakfast at a sidewalk table under an umbrella, listening to the patter of tiny raindrops.

We had an awesome time out there and suffered no major setbacks other than a nagging sharp pain in India’s left knee.  It cropped up out of nowhere on our second day, limited her to seated pedaling and would force her to use other muscles to compensate for the remainder of the ride.  It would also force us to have some serious conversations when it appeared we wouldn’t be able to keep the pace up to finish on time.  Fortunately – through a combination of stubbornness, strength, discretion and ibuprofen – she would rally over the next days.


Overall, we had an awesome time and there is much more to tell.  For now, here is a quick set of video snapshots I pulled together.  More video, photos and stories to come.

Thanks for reading!


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